Plate bevellers

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Machine for cladding removal, facing & bevelling
RANGE W.T. 6 - 60 MM (2/8” – 2 3/8”)

Compact and versatile machine with a wide functions range such as cladding removal, facing and bevelling of plates.

Complying with the highest safety standards, this machine guarantees the safeguard of the operator with a plate detecting sensor. The high speed milling head can host 8 to 9 interchangeable inserts depending by the application of the case, available for any material typology.
  • Compact and versatile machine;
  • Diversified functions: clad removal, facing and bevelling;
  • High safety standards guaranteed by the plate detecting sensor;
  • High speed milling head with interchangeable inserts;
  • Different type of inserts available;
  • Integrated trolley;
  • Innovative feeding system;
  • Dual amortization system.
The innovative feeding system offers not only a limited encumbrance but also a superior transmission quality. Peculiarity of the integrated trolley, equipped with a chips collecting tray, is the dual amortization system designed to deliver a smooth working phase and to compensate eventual imperfections both of the plate and the ground.

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