Boiler K

Portable pipe bevelling machine

RANGE i/d 28-76 MM (1.10”-2.99”)

The BOILER K pipe bevelling machine is perfect for boiler maintenance or prefab thanks to its range/weight ratio and handling.

Portable pipe bevelling machine

Range i/d 28-76 mm (1.10”-2.99”)

The Boiler K pipe bevelling machine is perfect for boiler maintenance or prefabrication work thanks to it’s range/weight ratio and handling.

The Boiler K is a very popular, versatile, robust and powerful model. Used mainly for boiler maintenance in power station shut-down and new boiler vessels manufacturing.

Available in electric, pneumatic and cordless battery version. Conversion kits also available for changing power supply.

The Boiler K can be equipped with an auto locking device for time saving in repetitive work.

  • RANGE – 28 – 76 mm i/d (optional from 20 mm i/d)
  • FUNCTIONS – Bevelling, facing, counterboring
  • MATERIALS – Any kind of steel
Download Boiler K technical data sheet PDF
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