Hypercutter Large Diameter Splitframe Clamshell Pipe Cutting Machines

GBC pipe cold cutting and bevelling machines

RANGE o/d 60″ – 96″

The Hypercutter range of portable pipe cutting & bevelling machines are designed to meet on site heavy duty requirements on large pipeline diameters. Split frame body and copier toolboxes are standard features.

Large diameter splitframe clamshell cold cutting & bevelling machine

RANGE o/d 60″ – 96″

Hypercutter large diameter splitframe clamshell cutting & bevelling machines were developed to carry out pipe cutting and bevelling on large diameter piping and vessels on site and in workshop conditions.

The Hypercutter large diameter splitframe clamshell lathes are ruggedly designed to work in the most arduous conditions. The split frame design enables in-line pipe to be cut and bevelled simultaneously. Various sizes of machine available to cover from 60″ to 96” diameter (with larger diameters available upon request). All types of weld prep geometry can be achieved up 60 mm wall thickness.

Upper locking jaws are marked with workable pipe diameter for easy and quick machine set up onto pipe. The unit is equipped with two copier toolboxes for following the pipe OD profile, thus minimising the bevel offset due to out of round of pipe conditions.

The standard in-built “hamster bottle” auto coolant delivery system ensures consistent tool cooling and lubrications during even the heaviest of cutting and bevelling operations on pipework of any material up to 60mm (2.36″) in thickness. the optional coolant pump, tray and filter delivers pumped coolant at user regulated rate and also acts as a swarf recovery system.

The Hypercutter large diameter splitframe clamshell pipe cutting machines range of machines are extremely powerful when coupled with the GBC

  • RANGE – 60″ – 96″ (168-1530mm) – larger diameters available upon request.
  • FUNCTIONS – pipe cold cutting, bevelling, facing, counterboring.
  • MATERIALS – carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex, inconel, other alloys.
  • POWER – hydraulic
  • OPTIONS – External tracking (dancing) toolboxes, internal bevel/counterbore modules, carbide tipped tools, coolant pump and swarf recovery tray
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GBC UK operate an extensive, unrivalled hire fleet of machines including many Hypercutter large diameter split frame clamshell lathes available internationally for immediate dispatch. For further information on our range of hire equipment please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team on 01844 201 555 or sales@gbc-uk.com.

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