Weld Purge Monitors

Weld Purge Monitors available to measure down to 0.5ppm

MasterPurge 100

The MasterPurge 100 is our easy to use entry level weld purge monitor.

  • It comes complete and ready to use straight from the carrycase.
  • It is suitable for general stainless steel pipework applications.
  • Measuring range : 20.9% to 0.01%
  • For more critical applications such as Titanium, Nuclear, food and chemical, please choose a higher spec model from the MasterPurge range.

MasterPurge 5

The MasterPurge 5 measures 5-1000 ppm.

  • Temperature-controlled zirconium sensor (1000 ppm – 5 ppm)
  • Graphic-competent, coloured 1“ OLED-display
  • Integrated, free programmable signal-horn. The analyzer can be programmed on
    the PC or Android mobile-phone with the optional Bluetooth adapter.
  • A green measurement value on the OLED display means “approved”.
  • Diffusion resistant FPM measurement hose
  • Charging cable for car cigarette lighter available
  • Display screen rotates when you turn the device due to position sensor
  • Measuring up to 4 hours

MasterPurge Pro2 Mobile

The MasterPurge Pro2 Mobile measures 5-1000ppm

  • Temperature regulated zirconium sensor
  • Graphics compatible display (4 background colours)
  • Plug-in power supply 110 VAC-240 VAC
  • Integrated, free programmable horn
  • Operator guidance in several languages
  • Charging cable for car-cigarette lighter available
  • Measuring-data storable (Premium version)
  • PC software for documentation
  • Various surfaces for documentation or connection of external orbital welding

MasterPurge 1

The MasterPurge 1 measures 0-999 ppm.

  • Maintenance free zirconium sensor
  • Temperature operating range 0⁰C – 45⁰C
  • Sensor warm-up time Approx. 90 Seconds
  • Stabilisation time 15-20 Minutes
  • Response time Approx. 2 Seconds for variations

MasterPurge Pro2 Plus

The MasterPurge Pro2 Plus is a higher spec mode from the MasterPurge range.

  • Temperature regulated, low-maintenance zirconium sensor
  • Accuracy of measurement up to 0,5 ppm
  • Graphics compatible display
  • Internal akku for wireless measurements up to 90 min.
  • Integrated, free programmable horn
  • Date and time for documentation
  • Easy operated software
Download Weld Purge Monitors technical data sheet PDF
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