Chain Clamps

Single and Double chain clamps for aligning and reforming pipes



Single and Double Chain Clamps for aligning and reforming pipes

Double jackscrew clamps for aligning and reforming pipes.

All clamps include:

  • Length of chain required for the pipe range
  • Double jackscrew jackbars listed for the pipe range
  • Main block
  • Fine adjustment
  • Fitting alignment device
  • Jackscrew wrench
  • Parts and operating manual
  • Metal Storage box
  • Hi-Lo gauge

Features and advantages

  • Alignment – can align all pipe schedules accurately
  • Reforming – jackscrews enable the elimination of ‘Hi-Lo’ points either side of the weld joint. Can reform up to schedule 40 pipes.
  • Adaptable – one chain clamp covers the range of 8 cage clamps.
  • No Tack Jackbars – joints can be fully welded without removing the clamp.
  • Versatile – elbows, tees and other fittings can be accurately aligned using the Fitting Alignment Device.
  • Quality – jackbars are cast from high quality steel alloys.
  • Additional jackbars can be added if extra pressure is required.
  • Jackscrews – Jackbars have two jackscrews with independently pivoting pads to compensate for uneven surfaces.
  • Stainless Steel – available in both carbon and stainless steel versions
Download Single Chain Clamps technical data sheet PDF Download Chain Clamps technical data sheet PDF
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