MasterPurge 100X IP65 Weld Purge Monitor

Expanding Pipe Stoppers

Sizes: up to 72” (1828 mm)

Pipe stoppers are used to temporarily seal the end of a pipe or opening for many different testing applications.

GBC’s MasterPurge 100X Weld Purge Monitor is a high quality, simple to operate handheld gas analyser measuring oxygen content in weld purge operations down to 0.01% O2 content (100PPM). Housed in a machined aluminium case, the MP100X Weld Purge Monitor is a robust, reliable, and revolutionary product suitable for most weld purging operations on stainless steel, duplex, super duplex and other alloy steel materials.

Fitted with a highly accurate electrochemical zirconium sensor with an analysing resolution of 0.01% (100PPM), in 0.01 increments to display the weld environment in real time as the user purges down to the desired O2 levels prior to, and during, welding operations.

In brief –

  • Sensor reading from atmosphere 20.94% O2 to 0.01% (100PPM).
  • Robust enclosure constructed from machined aluminium.
  • Splashproof and dustproof – IP65 rated protection from dust and moisture.
  • Innovative single button self-calibration as standard.
  • Easy to read, enlarged LCD screen allows user to monitor levels easily.
  • HF Guard protects the electrical components from high frequency voltage used in TIG/GTAW
  • Long life sensor with operational lifespan of up to 12 months.
  • Handheld purge monitor, perfect for both workshop and site operations.
  • Easy install TruSeal push fit hosing for convenient repacking after use.
  • Suitable for most stainless steel, duplex, super duplex and chrome steel TIG/GTAW welding applications

What’s included?

  • MasterPurge 100X Weld Purge Monitor.
  • MP100XS high resolution, long life, self-calibrating electrochemical zirconium sensor (fitted to unit).
  • Machined aluminium sensor cover and push fit connectors.
  • Manual vacuum sampling bulb and hose.
  • Stainless steel sampling probe fitted with 2 metres of hose.
  • High impact ABS plastic storage/transport case with ‘snug fit’ foam inserts.
  • Calibration test certificate.
  • Declaration of conformity to CE (768/2008/EC) & UKCA (EN ISO 17050-1:2010).
  • User manual with operator instructions, parts breakdown and troubleshooting.
  • 2 x AAA alkaline batteries

Key features explained:

  • IP65 rating to class 6 dust proof protection (zero dust ingress) and class 5 water ingress protection (protection from splashes and waterjets from any direction).
  • Single button self-calibration allows for the user to calibrate the instrument at any time ensuring accurate readings at all times and allowing the operator to fit a new long-life sensor as required without the requirement to return to the factory’s calibration facility. Allows the user, with the single touch of a button, to calibrate both at atmospheric levels of 20.94% O2 and at 0.01% (100 ppm) O2. Meaning users are never without their monitor when it is needed.
  • Hermetically sealed replacement sensors – new replacement sensors are supplied in hermetically sealed, inert container, meaning that sensor life will only start to deplete once the container is opened, and the sensor exposed to atmosphere. Allowing the user to stock sensors and replace as necessary. Depending upon individual quality assurance constraints, it may still be necessary for GBC to perform the calibration process and issue certification as required.
  • Enlarged LCD display gives the operator a much larger, high-resolution readout of the O2 levels in the welding zone, indicating when it is safe to start welding to achieve clean, oxide free welds.
  • Low battery indicator provides the user with ample warning when the battery life is running low.
  • Robust anodised aluminium enclosure offers superior protection from accidental damage over other monitors housed plastic enclosures.
  • HF Guard protection ensures that there is no interference with printed circuit boards from the high frequency voltage used during the arc-start in TIG-/GTAW welding and allows for consistent accurate readings throughout the welding process.
Download MasterPurge-100X-Weld-Purge-Monitor data sheet PDF
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