Meet the GBC Edge 46 Plate Bevelling System

EDGE 46, high speed plate bevelling machine with variable angle head, high bevelling capacity, fast and precise, thanks to the milling tool equipped with high speed interchangeable inserts.

The EDGE 46 is a heavy duty machine, strong and powerful, capable of working any material and to lock onto plates with a wall thickness range from 8 to 120mm.

Once the machine is placed and secured on the plate it runs along the edge up to the far end with no intervention by the operator.

The feeding system has been completely revised, the overall dimensions have been reduced and the transmission quality has been improved by using a single motor of traction.

The machine is equipped with a stepless variable head type which allows bevel angles from 15° to 60°, granting a very easy and quick adjustment of the angle of bevel.

The machine is equipped with a plate detecting sensor and trolley with a new chips conveyance system. We have also implemented a dual amortization system which allows to overcome eventual imperfections of the wall thickness or eventual variations of the plate, as well as the imperfections of the ground.

  • RANGE – 5/16” – 4 3/4” thickness.
  • FUNCTIONS – bevel from 15° to 60°
  • MATERIALS – carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex, super duplex, inconel, aluminium, etc.
  • POWER – electric 3 phase 400V 50Hz
  • NOTE – Can bevel any material with smooth surface finishing, groove free. The feeding system with adjustable speed allows the unit to be used without the help of cranes or lifting devices.